Friday, May 9, 2014

Introducing Blake Scott Cannon!

Blake Scott Cannon
Born April 23rd 2014
Brandon Hospital 
Brandon Florida
7lb 9oz
20.5 inces long

Birth Story of our Sweet Blake Scott Cannon

On April 22nd I woke up feeling the most horrific back pain I had ever felt. I couldn't walk normal, and couldn't bend over at all with out my feeling awful pain. I called the Dr. to ask if i was having back labor, and they said lets have you checked (since i was 6 days away from my due date). So I went in that after noon and was only at 4cm and 80% thinned. The Dr. said i could stay this way all the way to my due date and not even change.. Well that whole rest of the day I felt super crappy and was very emotional, feeling like I couldn't do this much longer.. Well that night we had our nightly routine with our sweet 2 year old Cade and put him to bed, and I will never forget that BIGGEST hug he gave me and held me tight for so long and said (yuv you mommy) and ended it with the sweetest kiss ever. He knew something was coming and so did I. I went to bed with big tears in my eyes thinking tonight could be the last night it will be just us and our little Cade. My emotions were every where thinking how on earth will i love this next child as much as i do cade? Well Brady and I went to bed around 10pm that night and i wasn't feeling anything different so i assumed that i probably wouldn't be having the babe. 3:15am comes around and i was suddenly woken up by horrible contractions. I started timing them and i only made it 45 min with them being only 5 to 6 min apart before i couldn't take it anymore. Off to the hospital we went, and our sweet friend Ellen Short came over to spend the night with cade so he didn't have to be woken up in the middle of the night. We get to the hospital and i was dialated to a 6 and 90% thinned. The baby was on his way. I was so excited yet so nervous. My contractions were getting stronger and more frequent and finally i had got my IV put in and a bag of saline which men't it was time for my epidural. I was dialated to 8cm and 100% thinned thinking holy cow im almost there and im now just getting my epidural??? Oh well once it was in i felt really good and relaxed. 9:13am rolls around and Dr. comes in and im ready to push. my eyes filled with tears just as the Dr. arrived because i knew our lives were about to change BIG time adding a second boy to our family. I was scared, excited, anxious, happy, and the list goes on of the emotions running through my brain. I couldn't wait to meet and see this new baby boy of ours! Brady told me to just take a deep breath and to remember that the greatest gift we can give to our son Cade is a sibling, and that the Lord trusted us to raise another sweet baby boy! I instantly felt peaceful and was ready to push this baby boy out. All those thoughts of nerves turned into excitement! I was ready!!! I was told to push and so i did! Brady held my hand tight and i began to push and 4 pushes go by and 6 min later i hear that cry!!! MY sweet baby Blake Scott Cannon has arrived weighing 7lbs 9oz and 20.5 in long! They quickly cleaned him a little bit and handed him right to me and i was able to have skin to skin time. Oh i just couldnt stop looking at him! He was just the sweetest little angel baby boy who was MINE, who i had grown inside my stomach for 9 months, who was here to be Cades little best brother, and who was here to change my life for the better! I will never forget what it felt like to hold Blake so close to me and to see him looking right into my eyes! Brady came close and kissed me on the forehead and he told me how proud he was of me and we both just looked at our sweet boy! I was crying thinking in my head that all the hard times i had during my pregnancy with being sick until 25 weeks, having back issues almost the whole time, and all the complaining brady listened to, instantly erased because the end result of it all was this perfect little angel! It was the most incredible day and we couldn't be more happy about our new baby boy!

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