Saturday, May 31, 2014

Blake is 1 Month old!

Our Blake is 1 month old!
What a joy this little guy is in our lives! Cade is already adjusting to being a big brother and sure has his cute moments with Blake! He always gives kisses to him and loves to say morning!! hahah! So cute! He also loves to hold him (for about a minute!) Blake has been such a good baby and we truly are so lucky and feel so blessed to have him in our family!! 
Sleeps really good! Only wakes up once in the night to eat and has done that since we have been home! 
He is really content when he is held or on someones lap, but when he lays down he likes to see people, not being alone. 
He makes the funniest grunting noises. We laugh every time he makes them! Brady always says he sounds like a goat!
He is nursing really well and im also so glad for that because i pumped with Cade and it was much more work!
He has a Hemangeoma birth mark on his back just like I did! They get bigger and then fade around the age of 3! Kind of something special that he has something of mammas!
Cade calls him Bake! hahah!!!
He follows my finger with his eyes and is so much more alert! I love all these new stages!
He LOVES to be on his tummy!
Blake is such an awesome little guy! We sure love you buddy boy!

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