Thursday, May 22, 2014


We were so lucky to have so much family come to visit before and after baby that this past month has gone by so quickly! We had Heidi and Liam come visit for a week while Brady was gone for a conference for school so that if I had the baby I wouldn't be alone! Then after Blake came Mom and Hailee came out here for a week and helped, then the week after that the Cannons came out to help for a week! Lets just say I miss them ALL!!!! This is a ton all crammed into one post but I figured that it would be better than having a million posts to do! :)  

First Heidi and Liam came! We had so much fun together with our boys! Cade had a buddy all week and I had my sister!! Oh what an amazing time it was to be able to spend such quality time with Heidi! We did lots, went to beach, played at the pool, went to lettuce lake, took the boys to all about puppies to play with all the cute puppies ate at lots of fun restaurants, and really did just about anything we wanted! I miss her and Liam so so much! Heidi helped so much taking care of Cade while I was so uncomfortable and I was soooo glad to have her help! She is an amazing! Oh and Cade learned to say Heidi and Liam (Heeeaaam) hahah! So darn cute!

Next Mom and Hailee came just after Blake arrived! While I sat on my behind Mom and Hailee helped take care of the boys and me! We did a few fun things, well as much as my one week post baby body could handle (hehe) we did Lettuce Lake, a fun few restaurants, Mom and Hailee took Cade to the Tampa Aquarium, shopping, and then lots of resting for me! Thank you so so much Mom and Hailee for all your help! I cried when they left, and I miss them so so much! I loved spending time with my sister whom I miss like crazy and my mom too! I was SO lucky to have them here for a week to help me get adjusted to my crazy life with TWO kids now!! 

After having Hailee and Mom leave I was nervous to be alone!! So when the Cannons showed up I was beyond excited! We had a fun week with them here! We did a couple fun food places, the beach, and lots of playing with Cade!! It was so nice to have them help with Cade so much as he is not such a fan of Blake yet, and is trying to adjust to not having mommy all to himself. He had a week of entertainment! We also got to celebrate Mothers day while Chris was here and Brady made us a yummy steak dinner!! (thanks hun) We sure miss the Cannons and we were soooo glad and thankful for all of there help!

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