Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cade turned 2 and got a new brother all in one month!

WOW!!! Our Cade just had his 2 year birthday May 14th 2014!
Where has time gone? Well not only did Cade turn 2, but he also got a new baby brother Blake! It has been a big adjustment for our sweet Cade, not having mommy and daddys attention all the time. He does have his sweet side with and loves to say (morning followed by a kiss on the head) and then he has his not so happy side that consists of hitting or poking Blake when mommy is feeding him. But overall each day is getting better. When dad brought Cade to the hospital, he didn't even want a hug from me. He slowly warmed up and eventually got on my lap for a picture, and a quick hug haha but then just sat next to daddy the rest of the time! He did want to (hold it) which he still asks to do haha not Blake but IT! I love it when he says it too;) Well just to recap our first few days, the next day when I was able to leave the hospital, I got home to Cade who had the flu and it was the week long flu with a 103 fever for a few days and wow it was a CRAZY week. All my emotions were not the newborn, but the feeling so bad for Cade. I didn't hug him and I never brought Blake out of my room. But now that the week of sickness is all over and done with, its nice to be able to feel normal and to have Cade involved with Blake! It was a very challenging week, but I am SO glad Brady is such a wonderful daddy who took care and loved Cade so so much and made it a little easier for him with all of the change. With all of that said and done, our sweet Cade is such a wonderful little boy and is learning each day to be the best big brother! We love you sweet Cade and can't believe you are TWO!!! 
He loves to put words together now (tiny bug, tall building (blilding), big truck, tiny bug, I help, hold you.
He loves going outside to search for BUGS its his favorite thing!! 
Loves to get shoes at the front door and bring them to you to go outside! He totally knows whos shoes are whos!
Always says amen at the end of prayers each night!
Loves to have dad do everything when he is home, never mommy. Only when daddy is gone. 
Our favorite things he does.. tells you to stay (day) when he wants to go to his room to get something, always wants you to come hahah. Tells blake he needs milk (meelk) hahah!! When we ask him to get his shoes on he always wants his brown ones hahah!
He is in the 50% for height and weight and we are SO glad he is finally growing and now an average 2 year old:) 
Plays better with girls than boys haha
Loves anything to do with water
He has this scream that is SO obnoxious and loud and high pitched, that he does when you don't pay attention to him.. I HATE it haha
Loves when we turn on the keyboard to let him dance to the music. It is so so cute
Favorite food is mac and cheese
Loves to read books and point out anything that looks like a bug in the book haha
He loves to repeat yeah, okay, huh, i help, sleepin, over and over! It is so so cute
Cade is our adventurous. loving. curious, most soft hearted little guy ever! 
Here are a bundle of pictures from this last month and our fun little family birthday that we did for him. We didn't do anything big but it was for sure a special day we had for Cade! Love you bud!!!

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