Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dr. Visits at the same time!

Both our boys had there Doctor check ups at the same time! We sure like Dr. Kamerack at Nadal Pediatrics!
Cade 2 year check up.. 50% for weight 27 pounds and 75% for height.
Blake 1 month check up.. 75% for weight 11 pounds and off the charts for height!
Both boys are healthy and we feel so blessed! 
 Cade normally is totally fine at the doctors office, but boy oh boy did he have a rough time with his two year shots:( He really cried through the entire appointment, even when the doctor was just checking him. He got to pick 3 suckers at the end! haha! Blake did just fine! It was only one shot, but blake goes in next month for more and Mr. Cade doesn't have to be seen until he is 3 thank goodness!!!

 Glad that visit is over!! 

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