Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Fun

Brady and I had an awesome Holiday week full of fun family parties, friend parties, lots of relaxing time and yummy food! Brady was sick during Christmas so i didn't even think to take pictures of us and family so I am really sad... At least i have tons of sisters to get pictures from! Love you girls! My sisters and I and Mollie went and saw a movie as girls, then Christmas Eve at my parents we had a yummy turkey dinner and a fun nativity with all the little ones! Right after we did presents! Thanks Mel and Billy for our gift and also Mom and Dad! That night we headed to the Cannon's and had dinner and watched movies and had treats! Such a fun Christmas Eve! Christmas morning we opened presents with the Cannon's! Thanks for all the fun gifts! Later that day I went with my family and saw a movie! 
We had such a fun filled week!
Well the week prior to Christmas, when I actually had my camera..!  We had lots of fun things that happened...

We went and visited this beautiful family in Overton, close to St. George!! (next post to come Becky I promise!)

Had a fun party with these amazing girls and their husbands!

Had lots of shows to attend with all my amazingly talented students both from Show Stoppers and Davis County Ballroom! (I teach over 200 students both studios combined each week)  Love you all, and you made me so proud!!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!!Stay tuned...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Wonder Land!

So I know I am a bit behind on here, but lots of fun pictures to come of my past two weeks... We have been SO busy from performances, driving to my favorite cousin Becky's in Overton (ps.. beck i will post all the fun pictures soon! Promise),  work, school, shopping, family get togethers, and the list goes on and on! I am sure you all can relate to me during this busy time of year, seeing that I have not blogged in two weeks...
So in other words LOTS to come over the next week!
I Just wanted to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Can't wait to hear all about your fun weekends!

This is what my sisters, the kids, and I did today for 3 hours..
SO fun, SO dang sore now, that is what I get for building forts with steps on one side and a slide on the other that was taller than I am.. 
100% in grandma conditions now..

Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What the Lohan???

So some lady the other day comes up to me and says...

Her: excuse me miss.. Are you Lindsay Lohan?
Me: No I am Michelle Cannon
Her: Okay wow you look just like her.. for a second there i was wondering why Lindsay Lohan would be in Layton...
Me: Yeah no i'm not her..
Her: Im not gay or anything, but you are beautiful..
Me: Wow thank you so much you are so kind.
Her: No problem, you are just so beautiful and you look exactly like Lindsay Lohan.
Me: Well thank you.. See you later..
(In my mind i thought, do i take this as a complement or an insult??? 
Is she really, seriously pretty?) 

What do you think?????

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekend of fun!

Brady and I had such an awesome weekend! We such a great time with family, enjoyed a wonderful thanksgiving dinner and ate lots of food and desserts!!
We also...

Drank lots of this..

 Waited in line with our beautiful mom and all us sisters for black friday disney store!!! (We were first in line by the way)
It was FREEZING, but worth every minute of it!

Sisterly love! Except Mel wasn't their yet.. 

Had to put this picture up of my mama because she is so dang beautiful! Isn't she?
 Brady had a Christmas tree delivered to our house this morning and surprised me!! I love it! 
I love you Brady!
We also had my sweet niece Afton for a sleep over and she helped me put the lights up! Love you sweet girl, miss you already!

Brady also built a snowman in our backyard!! 

Bear loves the snow by the way... He wants to just play outside all day!
So cute, but come on bear it is like -20 degrees outside... Can't you find something else you like to do? (inside)

Playing in the snow!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We sure did!Stay tuned...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy 2 years!

We had quite the celebration this past weekend for our 2 year anniversary! Brady I love you with all my heart! I couldn't have asked for a better person to be with for ever!

Here is how our day went...

Went to the mall for some fun shopping!
Later that night we went to our favorite sushi bar!
Finished the night off with Harry Potter! LOVE IT!
Got Brady a flying helicopter!
I think it's pretty sweet! He has wanted forever!
Brady got me this cute shirt! I love it sweetie!
Also he got me this watch! Go babe!

At dinner..

We had such a fun filled day full of memories! I love you Brady! Thank you for everything! I am so lucky I get to be with  your forever!

Stay tuned...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life as a 2 year old...

So as Brady was looking at our blog and our past 5 posts, he noticed something... I seriously have spelled something wrong on every single post I have blogged about for the past 5 posts... SO SORRY! I am the worst speller.. All who know me can agree right?? I think I spell things out in my mind how they sound and not as they should be! hahaha! Well Sarah my love (being an english major and all... ) WHY HAVEN'T YOU CORRECTED ME YET??? Well from here on out I will check my spelling over and over before I post anything!
Love Michelle!!!

Ps... Tomorrow we are celebrating our 2 year anniversary! I am so excited! Our actual date falls on Thanksgiving this year so we are going to celebrate a little early! Pictures and details to come!

Love this Boy!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting ready for the winter...

Here is our Barn.... We had to re-organize and cover all the hay for the winter time so that we could have food for the animals since the grass will all be snowed on..  

Cleaning out the animals manger for all their amazingly tasting HAY to be put!!!

Brady sick of it already!

Two at a time!!! Go Babe!

Our cute little bear! He loves being out side with us while we work on the farm!

On to the good stuff!
 Meet our friends...
The ones who we so dearly got the hay all covered and organized for...
The ones that wake us up early in the morning...
The ones who smell all day long...
and most of all
the ugliest things on this planet! hahah!
So this is Rose... Today while working she tried to attack bear and chased after  him.. Even tried kicking him with her hind legs. Brady didn't let that happen to long before he scared her away by chasing after her with a stick he found on the ground. She took of running!!

Llamas... we like to call them the three stooges!
The ugliest of the sheep..
The animales running after Bear and Brady..
The best for last... The whole clan almost together, except 5 more sheep, 6 more goats, and the horse!

Stay tuned for more!
-Michelle & Brady-

Thursday, November 11, 2010


      Life is an adventure... I love being able to go and do so many fun things with Brady. He never fails on showing me new things and new places. Here are some pictures of our slot canyon hike we just went on! Also as I have said before, pictures of bear will never stop hahah! He is getting sooo big! We love him!
Our little Bear is getting so big!!! 

Look at the face! He loves his Brady!

Slot canyons are so much fun... If you haven't done on yet it is a must! This was about a 4 mile hike in this type of small space and water the whole time. Amazing! Also we did 5 repels to get us lower into the slot canyon! These pictures don't even show how beautiful it really is... We love doing this and will do it every summer as much as we can!

Hope you enjoyed looking at me in every picture... Brady had the camera! Sorry for the sideways tilt on video!
Stay tuned!