Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Daily duties!

So some of you know that we not only live on a farm but we take care our cute (smelly) animals!! We feed them their hay in the mornings, and do lots of random things to keep the farm going and happy! The other day Brady and I were out on the farm building a fence and we notice one of my cute little friends (goat) got loose. Little did i know i was holding him wrong trying to put my sweet smelly friend back in his area and startled him so guess what happens to me? Take a guess??........ He freaking pooped all over my legs... can you say sick? Yes disgusting. But in the end Brady and i were laughing so hard and i can officially say i am a farmer haha! To go on top of that right after a cat gets run over in the road in front of our house so what am i to do?? pretty sure i should show it some kindness a bury him... Crazy. so many things in one day! Well here is a few pictures of our fun little home sweet home and the animals in our backyard! Also don't be surprised if i put pictures of bear up every post! He is just growing so dang fast it makes us sad!

Bear loves being around the goats for some reason...

Here is my friend from the story!
Our backyard view! I love it so much!

Our little house!

Stay tuned for more life on the farm!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life and it's changes

Well life has brought us in so many new directions.. I will have to tell about our life piece by piece! We have moved into a cute perfect little home on a farm! (pictures to come) Life is amazing and we have never been happier! Stay posted for lots and lots more to come.. I feel like i have lots to blog about and that life is a bit more exciting!
Lets begin!
First things first... the new addition to our family!!
Our favorite little new buddy!

Brady and I love him so much! he is a chocolate lab!!! he keeps us so entertained! We got him for Brady's Birthday last week!

Along with getting a dog last weekend, we also went with some friends down to Zion's to spend a weekend of hiking and fun! We hiked Subway, and also did lots of repelling at a slot canyon called Keyhole! We had so much fun

Stay tuned for much more of our new life on the farm!!