Thursday, April 28, 2011

...Park City...

We had such a blast up in Park City! Lots of shopping, looking around fun stores, fun pool and hot tub, and most of all just a relaxing weekend with my sweet Brady!

I had to get these pictures! hahah I love my husband! He makes me so happy!!

Heather and Kevin joined us Saturday and we ate at 501 on main and then went to cold stone! we had a blast! Thanks for coming guys! we love you!

We had a great trip, and we can't wait for more this summer!!!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

One for the weekend...

We are off to Park City for the weekend and I am so excited! More to blog about when we get back...

For now, our dear friend SUSIE......

Love you all and I will be back in a few days!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

...Camp Fires...

Brady and I LOVE campfires! We do them all the time in our back yard... Yes just us if you are wondering with who.. haha! We absolutely love it! With or without people! Well we recently did a big fire pit night with with our good friends. We did hot dogs for dinner, s'mores and starburst for dessert! We had so much fun and we can't wait for the summer when we have more of the warm nights to do more campfires! If this looks like fun, come to our house up here in Layton! We will provide you some yummy dinner and dessert over the fire!!! I'm being dead serious! Visitors always welcome here on the farm!

Yeah for fires...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend in Provo!!

We had an awesome weekend in Provo! We got to see lots of family and friends! On Thursday I left to go spend time with my beautiful niece afton! She had her tonsils out so I went to have a sleep over with her! She was so brave and did so good at the hospital.. I am so proud of my sweet little aftie! GOOD JOB!! She is such an amazingly beautiful talented girl! I love and miss her so much! Thanks sweet aftie rae for letting me sleep over and also Heidi, Judd, and Lucy for having me!! You guys are amazing! Her mom and dad got her this darling little night gown for being so brave! Isn't she darling?!!

Brady came down Friday after school and we had a fun filled two days with the Cannon Family (Yeah for Mollie being in town! We love and miss her so much, and I am so mad I didn't take pictures... sorry Moll), Kevin, Heather, and little baby in tummy! (We got to go to dinner and color me mine! So much fun!), and also a fun bridal shower Heather and I went to for our friend Kellee Cook! We are so excited for her! It was so fun seeing all our friends!

What a great weekend! Thanks to everyone who made it fun! We will be back soon!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Made this, making that...

So I just recently made this....

go here..
... and boy was it good! Brady has enjoyed it for the past couple days, and it's on the high list of desserts for him! I did have some even though i'm not supposed to, but I had to try what I made before I shared it with others right?!!

Tonight I am making this...

I am excited to try it... I will let you know how it goes, and especially if it's worth eating again (which I am almost positive it will be...) If any of you want to try it with me tonight, here is the recipe..
go here..
enjoy BOTH....


Monday, April 4, 2011

...Families are Forever...

So this past weekend was General Conference and wow I LOVE this weekend so much! We didn't get to watch all of it because we had an eventful weekend full of sick people and grandpa going into the hospital, us helping my sweet amazing mother take little Wyatt to the doctors, and so on.... (Well Brady had a great time with his dad at the priesthood session and me with all my sisters and mom!) But needless to say, the bits and pieces that I did watch were awesome! I can't wait to get caught up on the rest of it. But from this weekend it really hit me just how amazing life is and how amazing both of my families are! I truly am blessed with so much good in my life, and I can only see it when I seek for the good and not the bad! I love both of my families so much and I don't know what I would do with out them! I love you all, and the best part about this gospel is that FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!

I also got to spend a ton of time with my mom, and wow she is one amazing person! For those of you who know her, you know what I am talking about! She is perfect in every way and I hope I can be half the woman she is! She is so giving, loving, patient, beautiful, and all around the worlds most amazing mother! Mom I love you so much and thank you for everything this weekend! You truly are the most amazing mom ever!