Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2 Months and more...

We have had a fun month of fun events... First off, our sweet little Cade is now 2 months old! Time sure does go by fast and we are enjoying every single day!
Cade as of now...
-rolls over when we put him down for tummy time
-takes good naps
-doesn't spit up as much as he used to
-makes cute noises and smiles SO much (we love his smile)
-is now 23 inches long and 11.8 pounds
-had his first blow out ALL over daddy
-had his first 4th of July
-got left with Grandma Chris for his first time being babysat (hard for me of course but in good hands)
-met aunt mollie for the first time
got his 2 month shots and had a bad reactions pain wise (which turned into an ER visit that night)
-loves to play on his toy mat and bat at his toys
-hates that car seat unless mom is sitting by him

Cade we love you bug and are so happy you are growing good and strong!

4th of July 2012
2 Months old!!!

Some of the many faces of our sweet Cade..
At the Emergency Room finally feeling better!! Glad you are safe Cado!
Getting his 2 month shots at Dr. Baileys... Sad Day 

At Heathers Goodbye party :( They are off to Medical School! We will miss you!

Friday, July 13, 2012

...Blessing Day...

What a wonderful day for our little family! Cade was blessed and it was a beautiful blessing (thank you sweet Brady for the wonderful blessing)! After the Blessing we all went to my sister Mels house and had a family breakfast! It was very fun and Cade was definitely loved by everyone! Thank you family for all the help! It turned out so beautiful and it was a PERFECT day!
Thanks Mel for the cute pictures!  We love them!

Here are some more from my phone that I got....

What a beautiful day full of the Spirit... Thank you sweet Cade for the joy you bring into our lives! We love you so much and are so proud to be your parents! You mean the world to us! (Sorry Cade that your shoes were to big... they were your dads when he was blessed, so it was very special to us!)