Friday, May 9, 2014

Cade is 23 Months!

Our Cade is 23 Months! Almost 2 years old! Where has time gone??
Favorite words he says- yike (like), yuv you (love you), spice (moms diet coke) and many more
He really says any thing you want him to say it just doesn't always sound the same hehe!
Loves to find his bugs outside!
Loves to go outside and pick flowers
He is now in the 50% for hight and weight! Finally getting bigger and growing!
Still on Mirilax but getting better!
Loves to do anything DAD does!! I sure love that he is such a daddys boy!
Not sure of the potty training idea.. likes to wear the underwear but doesn't like to use the potty! 
Likes to facetime his cousins and grandmas and grandpas!
Had his cousin Liam and aunt Heidi come visit!
Brought home his first coloring picture from nursery!
Loves to get baalllooons from publix!
Says amen at the end of family prayers every night!
Still has all his amees (animals) in his crib everynight!
Favorite show as of late is Wild Animal Babies on netflix
Loves to use his paints and color (on himself)
Asks for spicy on my phone and that means the itsy bitsy spider video so he can do all the actions and sing!! It is the cutest thing ever!!!!
loves to turn music on and dance! his new move is the leg shake hahaha!! 
Oh Cade we just love you soooo much!!!

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