Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Cade

My one and only cute Mr. Cade is 2 years and 4 months old! Boy do I sure love this kid! I don't do updates on him every month now that he is older but I will every so often to keep track of all the cute things he is saying and doing! I sure love him so much! He has been my buddy while dad is gone all the time at work. He loves to explore outside and find bugs. he loves to play the i spy game in the car to find big trees, tall buildings, giant trucks, big clouds, lellow busses :) He is my target buddy to get popcorn and soda while mom walks around and browses all the fun house decorations and cute cloths (window shopping is my favorite) haha! He is my snuggle bug who always wants you to "Hold you" in his words! He is my jokester who likes to make mom laugh! He always laughs at me too! (We get along very well) He LOVES to scare blake by roaring like a lion. i hate it hahah! But i can't forget it! He loves to read stories at night! Green eggs and ham (Hams), and Are you my mother are his favorite books! He has now changed to a big boy bed because he had to once we moved (we couldn't pack his crib in the car). He has done really good with the change! His FAVORITE food is grilled cheese! Seriously it is all he wants. Oh and his Dino Eggs which is just oatmeal with candy dino eggs in them! He would rather play with kids older than him not sure why but he gets along better with them rather than kids his age. He is quick to give me kisses and hugs when im sad or hurt. He pushes my buttons ALL the time but he is just so darn cute its hard to not forgive him! Cade you are my angle, my best friend, my first born, my little piece of heaven, and a blessing from my Father in Heaven. You bring SO much light into our lives and I couldn't imagine life with out you! Thanks for being the best little stinker 2 year old ever! Mom, Dad and Blake Love you so very much! 

1 Month in Georgia!

Well we said our goodbyes to Florida and we are off on our 1 year adventure for Brady's rotations. Our first stop...

 Gainsville Georgia!

Well we showed up here and on our first night where we were supposed to stay (an extended stay) I had such an awful feeling about it. Lets just say it was a very dangerous area and so not safe for us to live in. (after I found this out from a member hahah)  So we canceled that place and was pretty much feeling homeless with all our stuff we are living on all packed in both our cars while most of our stuff is all in florida is storage. So I called my mom and she found us a Marriott really close by and we stayed there for a week so we could find a place and also have some time to relax before Brady started at the Gainsville Hospital. Well with lots of help from family and friend and lots of prayers we ended up getting in contact with the Turner family and they are let us invade their basement for a month. Our next stop will be St. Louis Missouri. Well we feel so blessed we have been able to stay with a member family from the ward here and for them making us feel so comfortable. We sure have loved it here so far and have explored lots of fun parks, lake Lanier, the little bowling alley, oh and i can't ever forget our experience using the Laundromat hahah! That was an adventure its self! The boys are keeping me busy while Brady is busy working but we are making the best of what we have while we are here!!! Here are some pictures to recap some of our fun adventures while here in Georgia!

Blake 3 and 4 months!

Our big boy Blake is 4 Months old! 
He is such a good baby and we truly are blessed to have such an easy going baby especially with this crazy year we have ahead of us! Blake you are so loved by us and your big brother! 
-gets kisses ALL the time by brother 
-always goos and gaas and all the other cute baby noises 
-tried rice cereal and doesn't like it so much hahah!
-rolls all over the place
-loves to sleep on his tummy
- his nick name is boogity! Cade is always asking for his boogity! it is so darn cute!
-loves the car seat!
-is my little tall chunk boy! 15lbs 5oz and 25.5 inces long!
-has the same birthmark on his back like i did when i was born! he also has it on his head! (hemangeoma)
-Cade is always wanting to hold you! He is such a sweet brother to you!
-you don't puke much and you also poop great (unlike your brother) hehe!
-you are an awesome nurser and im sooooo happy!
Blake we sure love you and are so blessed to have you!