Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yeah for good internet!

So our internet is finally all situated and working! We are so happy! That means more blog updates, and much happiness at our home! Thanks brady for fixing it! Here is our life the past few months!!

Red Robbin for Robby's Birthday!! Sorry i don't have pictures of everyone!

Golfing on Fridays with Daddy! We love you dad! and ty ty likes to come to!

My birthday celebrations at work! hahah that cake..

Thanks families and brady for such an awesome birthday! I really am so lucky! Mom thanks again for the BEST dinner ever! and all of you for the best birthday gifts!
oh and heather maybe next year you can get me something else to go along with these guys!!! hahahah!!!!!! Classic!

We got to go to Hawaii with the Cannon Family which was so amazing! We had so much fun and i was so glad we got to be together! Moll im so happy you were able to come as well!!!

Our hotel pool!

Me waterfall jumping! haha! i got made fun of over and over for this picture! Thanks brady for capturing such a great memory! ha!!

We did lots of site seeing. This was the IAO Valley! it was amazingly beautiful!
We got to see the Ovaline Pools!

This was the most amazing breakfast ever! I love Hawaii!

More Posts to come!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Reasons i have been a bad blogger....

1. Moving from Orem to Bountiful. (By the way we LOVE it here!)
2. Our router is so completely crappy that it stalls the internet when i get on blogs.
3. We have been SO busy with work this summer that when we have free time it is going to provo to see our families which we so dearly miss!!
4. I just am not a good blogger... lets face it!

So this week we are going to get a new router, and i am going to be so happy! I have so many fun things and pictures of trips, family things, our life here in bountiful and much more to share!!!
Coming soon!!! hahaha