Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So Brady and I love making homemade wheat pizza and homemade wheat bread! We love doing this because it means lots of time to spend together and to just talk!!! We do this all the time. It seriously is so much better (and better for you) and tastes better. I don't think store bought bread or take out pizza would even be any good anymore since we have been doing a ton of stuff homemade! Thanks Brady for enjoying it as much as I do! I love that you love cooking! I am so dang lucky!
I took pictures of the pizza with out cheese or even it finished all cooked, but you still get the idea!! Looks yummy doesn't it??

Stay Tuned...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tis the season of BAD fruit....

Is it just me or has it been hard to find good fruit during these cold out of season months??? I want summer to come NOW so I can enjoy fruit the way it is supposed to taste.. The other morning I took a bite of a banana and just about threw up.... It was awful. Summer please hurry so we can have normal tasting fruit! Any suggestions on where to get good fresh fruit let me know! Thank you thank you!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Did I seriously do this tonight????

Okay so it is official... I have deleted my Facebook!!! Sad but at the same time now I won't waste time on it everyday. I know it was a good way to stay in contact with friends and family. But seriously... If someone needs to get a hold of me they can call me or I can call them. What is facebook anyway?? A place to go to look at other people's pictures and statuses, pretty much a big black hole that sucks people in! Before you know it, two hours go by and you feel like you just signed in! Well goodbye facebook and hello more hours to my day back that I can spend doing something way more useful! (Friends please don't forget to invite me to weddings and get together's since that is the only way people do invites these days! haha) Seriously though!
Goodbye Facebook!
Love you all and more time for blogging!!!

Stay tuned..

Friday, January 7, 2011

Poor little friends...

After Many days of freezingness and snow, I am almost positive these little guys are very sick of the same gross food every day... Here are some pictures of our little backyard friends! Do they look like they love life?? NOT AT ALL... I would hate to just eat hay, roam around, eat more hay, poop everywhere and walk in it, roam around again, and then off to bed on a pile of poop... And it all starts over the next day. Well I sure hope they like us because sweet Brady does so much every morning and night to keep these guys full and taken care of! We really do love living on a farm, and I never thought I would actually say that.... I would recommend it for everyone, and I know for sure I could live on a farm the rest of my life!
We sure love you little friends!!

Stay tuned...
- Michelle

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Overton Nevada!!

Brady and I had such a great quick trip to visit the Kelly Family in Overton! We had such a fun time with all these cute little kids... Thanks so much for such a fun trip Becky and Shannon! We loved it and can't wait to be back! We have already started talking about the next time we can come!
Becky and I ( love this girl.. Scrubby dubby dubby!)
Me and a few of her kids, the most beautiful kids on this planet!
Kelly family homemade syrup! So good Becky we made it when we got home!!

Shannon made stuffed jalapenos with bacon on the outside! Looked really good.. Shannon we wish we could have stayed to try them!
Don't they look good?? We thought so! Guess we will have to make them ourselves!

Look how beautiful Ebby is! She was prego and just had her babies !

 Thanks again for such a wonderful trip! We love you guys!!!
Stay tuned for more..