Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Florida Beaches are AMAZING!!

We had such a fun beach day with our friends at Coquina beach on Anna Maria Island.. One of my most favorite beaches I have been to here in Florida! We sure feel blessed to live here and we are enjoying our adventures we are having! Cade and I sure love going to beach! We wish Brady could join us but with his busy schedule Cade and I stay busy exploring the tropical place we live in!

White Coat Ceremony!

On July 11th 2013, Brady had his White Coat Ceremony for school. He is really enjoying Nova Southeastern University, studying Anesthesia. We don't see him much but we know all his hard work will pay off! I am so proud of him and all his hard work! Thank you so much Brady for working so hard to earn a good education! You truly are such an amazing guy and such a hard worker! 
We love you!
We enjoyed an awesome Ceremony and I got to put Brady's coat on him! We then enjoyed a yummy dinner and some good company!
More (professional) pictures were taken and I will post more when I get them! But for now my phone pictures will do!! 

We love you Daddy!!

14 Months

July 14th 2013
Cade is 14 months old! 

-chatting all new sorts of words that we don't understand!
-new favorite things to say are stop and no... I don't really like it.. hahah!
-is doing well eating all his big boy food
-still his favorite food is pizza but now has added bananas to his list of favorites!
-starting to run a little bit and trying to get the jumping concept down!
-when you say tub time he goes running to the tub trying to pull his shirt off! 
-loves to blow kisses now to people!
-takes only one nap a day now!
-loves to drag his step stool over to any thing he can't reach so he can stand up higher! 
-LOVES anything and everything to do with dogs, the barking sound, books about dogs, and so on!
-will fall asleep in the car in a matter of seconds.. sort of nice when we have a far drive!
-likes getting his teeth brushed. likes the say ahhh when i brush them!
-has made some really fun friends here in Florida, and enjoys doing all the fun activities with the cute kids/ his friends!!
-when i say story, he runs to his book shelf and brings me a book
-when he wants to sit on your lap he turns around and slowly backs up in to you so he can sit on you!
-loves the eensy weensy (spelling not sure) spider song! does the actions with you too! 
-loves the beach and pool so so much! anything with water is his favorite thing!
-played with sidewalk chalk for the first time and was totally entertained.
 -has 12 teeth!
-loves mcdonalds happy meals!
-discovered his nose holes hahah! fingers are constantly stuck in his nose.

Cade you are just pure joy!

You are growing up buddy!! We sure love you and all the happiness you bring into our lives!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July 2013 Celebrations!!!!

We had such a fun 4th of July this year! It was not the same with out family but we still had a blast!
We went to a fun parade in the morning with Kelly and her family and also Melissa and her family! Then that night we all went and enjoyed some yummy Mexican food and ended the night perfectly with a park and ride firework show!!! We had SUCH a fun time! Thanks girls for a great 4th!!!

Kelly and I!!

Some of Cades favorite friends -Luke, Scott, and Max

Grandma came to visit!!

We had a fun visit from Grandma for a few days!
We sure had a blast and miss you already..
Thanks for everything and for spending time with us:)

Our few days in pictures...

Took a tour of the Everglades!!!! SO amazing!!!!

Having fun with Gram!

 Drove down to Miami to meet my sister Heidi and her family on a layover!! Soooooo fun to see them! we enjoyed yummy food, walking around shops, and just spending time together!! Loved seeing all of them!

 Went to the beach!!! 

Went to Ybor City to walk around the shops and ate some yummy Cuban food!!!

We sure miss you Gram and can't wait to see you again soon!!!