Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekend of fun!

Brady and I had such an awesome weekend! We such a great time with family, enjoyed a wonderful thanksgiving dinner and ate lots of food and desserts!!
We also...

Drank lots of this..

 Waited in line with our beautiful mom and all us sisters for black friday disney store!!! (We were first in line by the way)
It was FREEZING, but worth every minute of it!

Sisterly love! Except Mel wasn't their yet.. 

Had to put this picture up of my mama because she is so dang beautiful! Isn't she?
 Brady had a Christmas tree delivered to our house this morning and surprised me!! I love it! 
I love you Brady!
We also had my sweet niece Afton for a sleep over and she helped me put the lights up! Love you sweet girl, miss you already!

Brady also built a snowman in our backyard!! 

Bear loves the snow by the way... He wants to just play outside all day!
So cute, but come on bear it is like -20 degrees outside... Can't you find something else you like to do? (inside)

Playing in the snow!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We sure did!Stay tuned...


my name is becky kelly said...

you guys are insane. you better have gotten some fantastic deals on some fantastic merchandise!
yes, your mom is beautiful. so are her daughters. and, all good dancers by their BBQ's by the way!

Julianne said...

so cute! love the tree, and yes, your mom is beautiful! not fun to sit in the freezing cold winter weather--but with your sisters..that is FUN! love you

Michelle and Aaron Darais said...

I love your families love for everything disney!!! that was seriously one of the funnest trips ever:)