Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting ready for the winter...

Here is our Barn.... We had to re-organize and cover all the hay for the winter time so that we could have food for the animals since the grass will all be snowed on..  

Cleaning out the animals manger for all their amazingly tasting HAY to be put!!!

Brady sick of it already!

Two at a time!!! Go Babe!

Our cute little bear! He loves being out side with us while we work on the farm!

On to the good stuff!
 Meet our friends...
The ones who we so dearly got the hay all covered and organized for...
The ones that wake us up early in the morning...
The ones who smell all day long...
and most of all
the ugliest things on this planet! hahah!
So this is Rose... Today while working she tried to attack bear and chased after  him.. Even tried kicking him with her hind legs. Brady didn't let that happen to long before he scared her away by chasing after her with a stick he found on the ground. She took of running!!

Llamas... we like to call them the three stooges!
The ugliest of the sheep..
The animales running after Bear and Brady..
The best for last... The whole clan almost together, except 5 more sheep, 6 more goats, and the horse!

Stay tuned for more!
-Michelle & Brady-


adam and jess clark said...

haha i love that the llamas are your neighbors! so funny bum!

Sarah Orme said...

I get so happy when I see you happy. The three stooges made me laugh so hard. For real. I am still laughing about how funny they look.

I love you.

Brittany said...

I love that you live on a farm. Absolutely love it.