Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life as a 2 year old...

So as Brady was looking at our blog and our past 5 posts, he noticed something... I seriously have spelled something wrong on every single post I have blogged about for the past 5 posts... SO SORRY! I am the worst speller.. All who know me can agree right?? I think I spell things out in my mind how they sound and not as they should be! hahaha! Well Sarah my love (being an english major and all... ) WHY HAVEN'T YOU CORRECTED ME YET??? Well from here on out I will check my spelling over and over before I post anything!
Love Michelle!!!

Ps... Tomorrow we are celebrating our 2 year anniversary! I am so excited! Our actual date falls on Thanksgiving this year so we are going to celebrate a little early! Pictures and details to come!

Love this Boy!!!

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Sarah Orme said...


i would have corrected you if I had noticed (maybe) but if you're keeping up with my life you'll know that I CAN NOT SPELL. At least yours is just a blog and not a college setting. It's really embarrassing when you spell invisible wrong in front of a bunch of college students and you're the teacher. I felt like an idiot....I still feel like an idiot because of it.

Two years? Wow! Congrats. Way to be an adult. The verdict is still out with me.

Lug you Gip!