Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween fun!

Halloween was so much fun this year, it was filled with family, friends, and lots of FOOD!
we went came down to provo to be with family for the weekend and it was so much fun.. We started the night off at my parents and i helped get my beautiful mother dressed up for all the trick or treat kids! She looked sooo cute as you can see, I dressed up as Snow White and Brady was Prince Charming! I think he stayed in his costume for maybe 10 min... haha! Well later we went up to Heater and Kevin's for a fun Halloween Party! We saw some friends we haven't seen for ever! Thanks Heather! It was a blast! I made homemade pizza which i need to blog the recipe because it is soooo good and its all from scratch! Heather of course went all out and decorated and had yummy treats and so did kellee! Thanks girls! 

Our fun group of people and I loved Heather and Kevin's costumes! Oh and you can't ever not do donut-on-a-string game! hahah GO BRADY!

Hope you had a fun filled Halloween!
Stay tuned for more life on the farm!


my name is becky kelly said...

wait wait! i want a better picture of you in your costume! and Brady in his! i'll stay tuned for that!

Cason and Marie said...

I am in love with your costume!!!!! Fun party!

Julianne said...

cute costumes!! i wanna know why youre living on a farm, how you like it, etc etc. tell tell!! :) love ya