Thursday, November 11, 2010


      Life is an adventure... I love being able to go and do so many fun things with Brady. He never fails on showing me new things and new places. Here are some pictures of our slot canyon hike we just went on! Also as I have said before, pictures of bear will never stop hahah! He is getting sooo big! We love him!
Our little Bear is getting so big!!! 

Look at the face! He loves his Brady!

Slot canyons are so much fun... If you haven't done on yet it is a must! This was about a 4 mile hike in this type of small space and water the whole time. Amazing! Also we did 5 repels to get us lower into the slot canyon! These pictures don't even show how beautiful it really is... We love doing this and will do it every summer as much as we can!

Hope you enjoyed looking at me in every picture... Brady had the camera! Sorry for the sideways tilt on video!
Stay tuned!


Heatha said...

I love you sister.. I miss you.! I need a sister. come back.! You look so cute in your pictures, you are such a perfect wife for Brady you guys have so much fun together. xoxo

Stefanie Bell said...

Michelle, you are so cute!! I love how you guys are doing all that fun stuff, and learning together! Keep doing that before you have kids because it kinda stops..;) You are beautiful!! Love ya girl!

Mckenzie Evans said...

Michelle! I love your blog! You live on a farm? What?! Where is this place? Your house is the cutest thing ever! It looks like you guys are having so many fun adventures together. I want to bring Gwen and come see your animals. She would go crazy! By the way, awesome hike. You go girl!

adam and jess clark said...

Bum!Don't get caught in those slots haha those things look mighty tight! You're cute, I love your bangs. I need to see you soon!