Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Goodbye Florida, and off to our new adventures!

Well we said our goodbyes to our cute apartment in Riverview Fl. It was a hard day, but also a new step towards our future. We are now starting our 1 year left of rations and it sure will be a crazy adventure! We were so lucky to have Grandma Chris and Mollie come out to help us pack! We also had such a fun goodbye party at the Shorts house and got to spend some good time with all our friends before we said our goodbyes! Here are a few pictures to sum up our crazy last week in sunny Florida!!
We sure have made some incredible memories in our cute little apartment, with friends and places we visited, and our ward. We are so sad to say bye:( Florida will forever have a piece of our hearts! 

So many fun friends and memories! xoxo

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