Saturday, September 13, 2014

1 Month in Georgia!

Well we said our goodbyes to Florida and we are off on our 1 year adventure for Brady's rotations. Our first stop...

 Gainsville Georgia!

Well we showed up here and on our first night where we were supposed to stay (an extended stay) I had such an awful feeling about it. Lets just say it was a very dangerous area and so not safe for us to live in. (after I found this out from a member hahah)  So we canceled that place and was pretty much feeling homeless with all our stuff we are living on all packed in both our cars while most of our stuff is all in florida is storage. So I called my mom and she found us a Marriott really close by and we stayed there for a week so we could find a place and also have some time to relax before Brady started at the Gainsville Hospital. Well with lots of help from family and friend and lots of prayers we ended up getting in contact with the Turner family and they are let us invade their basement for a month. Our next stop will be St. Louis Missouri. Well we feel so blessed we have been able to stay with a member family from the ward here and for them making us feel so comfortable. We sure have loved it here so far and have explored lots of fun parks, lake Lanier, the little bowling alley, oh and i can't ever forget our experience using the Laundromat hahah! That was an adventure its self! The boys are keeping me busy while Brady is busy working but we are making the best of what we have while we are here!!! Here are some pictures to recap some of our fun adventures while here in Georgia!

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