Saturday, September 13, 2014

Blake 3 and 4 months!

Our big boy Blake is 4 Months old! 
He is such a good baby and we truly are blessed to have such an easy going baby especially with this crazy year we have ahead of us! Blake you are so loved by us and your big brother! 
-gets kisses ALL the time by brother 
-always goos and gaas and all the other cute baby noises 
-tried rice cereal and doesn't like it so much hahah!
-rolls all over the place
-loves to sleep on his tummy
- his nick name is boogity! Cade is always asking for his boogity! it is so darn cute!
-loves the car seat!
-is my little tall chunk boy! 15lbs 5oz and 25.5 inces long!
-has the same birthmark on his back like i did when i was born! he also has it on his head! (hemangeoma)
-Cade is always wanting to hold you! He is such a sweet brother to you!
-you don't puke much and you also poop great (unlike your brother) hehe!
-you are an awesome nurser and im sooooo happy!
Blake we sure love you and are so blessed to have you!

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