Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mom and Gary and Surprise Melanie!

Mom and Gary came in to town for Blakes Blessing and I also got a surprise visit from my sister Melanie! I actually went to pick my mom up at the airport and mel was waiting at the airport! I seriously had NO idea and starting crying when i saw her!! What an amazing surprise and I was SOOOO happy to see her! Mom came that night and Gary came the next day! We had a fun week filled with fun things! We ate at lots of fun places, went shopping, went to the beach, had a wonderful Sunday with Blakes blessing, went to Sea world, had fun at the pool, went to lettuce lake, and then had to say goodbye:( I miss them all so much and wish they could have stayed forever! Here are some fun pictures to recap our week! 
Thank you guys for being here to support us and for spending time with us! We loved having you here and miss you so so much!

I sure miss all of you guys so much and couldn't thank you enough for being here! 

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