Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So Brady and I love making homemade wheat pizza and homemade wheat bread! We love doing this because it means lots of time to spend together and to just talk!!! We do this all the time. It seriously is so much better (and better for you) and tastes better. I don't think store bought bread or take out pizza would even be any good anymore since we have been doing a ton of stuff homemade! Thanks Brady for enjoying it as much as I do! I love that you love cooking! I am so dang lucky!
I took pictures of the pizza with out cheese or even it finished all cooked, but you still get the idea!! Looks yummy doesn't it??

Stay Tuned...


Mckenzie Evans said...

I want the recipe! It looks dang good! I agree that anything whole wheat tastes so much better. You guys make a cute team in the kitchen!

adam and jess said...

yum bum! i want the recipe too...or i'll just drive on up and eat some of yours!