Saturday, January 1, 2011

Overton Nevada!!

Brady and I had such a great quick trip to visit the Kelly Family in Overton! We had such a fun time with all these cute little kids... Thanks so much for such a fun trip Becky and Shannon! We loved it and can't wait to be back! We have already started talking about the next time we can come!
Becky and I ( love this girl.. Scrubby dubby dubby!)
Me and a few of her kids, the most beautiful kids on this planet!
Kelly family homemade syrup! So good Becky we made it when we got home!!

Shannon made stuffed jalapenos with bacon on the outside! Looked really good.. Shannon we wish we could have stayed to try them!
Don't they look good?? We thought so! Guess we will have to make them ourselves!

Look how beautiful Ebby is! She was prego and just had her babies !

 Thanks again for such a wonderful trip! We love you guys!!!
Stay tuned for more.. 


my name is becky kelly said...

seriously, my kids keep looking at you guys on the Hamblin Christmas card and asking when you're coming back to play!
The jalepeno poppers were a huge hit! you guys missed out! (gross! i think i'm the only person who detests them!)i'm glad you made the Nauvoo syrup though! yum!
can't wait to see you again!
we've been talking about rafting this summer. for sure!

Kate and Peter Lowe said...

So much fun! I love becky!! What a doll you are, I'm glad you had a great Christmas and New Years! Hey we are moving down by heather in March.... let me know next time you're down that way we'd love to see you two! -Did I tell you my hubby served with brady in FL? Anyway, I hope you're doing well on the farm! You may have to teach me a thing or two sometime :) Love ya girl!