Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Surprise visit to Utah!

Well Mom came out to visit us in St. Louis and at the end of the trip she surprised me and took us to Utah for our family reunion that her and Gary planned! It was beyond nice of them, and we has such a wonderful time!! Thank you Gary and Mom for flying us out there so we could spend time as a family!
We spent the week in Heber at a cabin and seriously just relaxed and had fun all week! Then we got home and I stayed at my moms and all of us got super sick for a week. But we managed to spend a little time with family,  a couple quick friend visits, but is sure wasn't able to see everyone I wanted to, but next time for sure! Being sick is the worst but we still had so much fun and I am so grateful to Gary and mom for the time we did get to spend in Utah and for the kindness they showed to us! Here are some pictures to sum up our trip! I took way too many to post but ill share a few! haha!!

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