Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hello St. Louis!

We have loved being here in St. Louis MO, and we have already explored a ton of fun things...
We live in the Madison Rockwood apartments in Ballwin just outside of St. Louis. Brady has enjoyed his rotations here, but man is he busy. He works about 10-12hr. shifts mon-fri. It is brutal, but he is sure learning tons! I on the other hand have my hands full with the two kiddos, but we sure have done lots of fun things!
Science center, the Zoo a few times, the St. Louis Gateway Arch, lots of fun stores, really neat parks (and I mean the coolest parks i've ever seen!), lots of fun exploring walks, and the list goes on!   Mom came to visit too, and we had so much fun! We love when she comes! We also got to do the fun Rambauch Farms pumpkin patch and Cade was beyond excited to pick a pumpkin out for himself!  We also did trick or treating at the chesterfield mall which was a big hit! Cade was a Clown and Blake was a Pumpkin!  It can get hard at times but i sure am enjoying all this time i get to spend with my two sweet boys! Cade has really become my best friend and my little sidekick! Blake has just been so easy going and I sure feel blessed to have him!

We sure are loving St. Louis!!!

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