Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Blake 6 Months!

October 23rd 2014
Mr. Blake is 6 months old! 

He is such a precious little boy, so easy going, good eater, good sleeper, seriously never crys unless he is hungry, laughs constantly at his brother, smiles with even just a look at him!, is crawling really good, sits up, no teeth yet but lots and lots of drool!, loves to sleep in his carseat in the car! hahah! He loves to be on his tummy and get into all the toys, and cade is doing really good with sharing! He does the cutest noises! He is for sure my chunky little guy! Blake we sure love you buddy and we are so happy to have you in our little family! Cade sure loves to play with you too, and if you every cry he always wants to bring you a binki!! 

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