Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Blake 2 months old!

June 14th 2014
Blake is 2 months old!
Time sure goes by quickly when you are busy with two kids! Blake is growing up too fast!
He is the calmest baby, sleeps good, eats good, always happy, and pretty much an angel sent from heaven at the right time in our lives! Cade is loving him more each day and i just love having two boys!
Blake is 98% for Height and 76% for weight! He is growing so so big and we love it!
- Can roll over on to his back when he is on his tummy
-Loves to do all the cute smiles and coos and caas!
-He has been sleeping 8 hours at nights and i LOVE it!
-Loves the car and always falls asleep
-Loves his binki!
-Loves bath time just like Mr. Cade
-He is getting a strong neck and can hold it all the way up when he is on his tummy!
-Did so good with his 2 month shots i was so happy!

We love you big boy Blake xoxo

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