Sunday, July 7, 2013

13 months

June 13th 2013
Our big boy Cade is 13 months old!
-says mom, dad, dog(daa), light, night, and all other words i don't understand!
-shakes his head yes and no, and totally understands what they mean. ( I don't like the no one hehe)
-not only walking but trying to run and now walking backwards
-tries to climb into the tub, or anything he can get in on his own by lifting his leg up and over.
-favoirite toys are his balls (ba ba)
-when ever music is on he sure dances!! bounces up and down and claps his hands!!
-has had TWO serious head bonks.. both left nasty marks but still no stitchs!!
-LOVES the pool and beach which we are at one or the other seriously all the time
-doesn't like why anyone is taking his dads attention away
-when ever he hears a dog bark he copies by making his dog noise! SO cute!
-has 9 teeth now with 2 more trying to come in
-still loves his baby food and is pretty picky when it comes to eating big people food unless its PIZZA!
-loves his ni ni (blanket) and he can't live with out it haha!
-when he eats crackers he has to have one in each hand!
-loves story time.. He even gets the book and brings it to me to read it to him
-has mades some fun friends out here in florida
-laughs anytime you say the word EWW to him! 
-been to the hospital for testing for his poop problems, but we are still trying to figure it out! we call him our miralax baby!! 
-still loves his tubs.. you say its time for tubby and he runs to the bathroom! 
-favorite movie that he actually sits and watches is Turtles Tale! I love it too! 
-loves to stand on dads lap and pretend he is driving in the car
-loves the zoo and the aquarium and points to all the fish and animals and speaks his own language! 
-loves to give high fives and wave at every person he sees!
-one thing we don't love but are working on is he loves to tug on kids shirts... not sure why but most kids cry when he does it to them! hahha he is our little stinker!
We sure love you Cade!
Here is a mix of all this past month!! We love watching you grow up big boy!!

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just me said...

cade is too cute!!! i can't believe how big he is. i have to come and visit soon!! i sure miss you guys (and michelle, i am so jealous of your tan and that you get to go to the beach so often!!)