Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Goodbyes/New Florida adventure!

I know I have posted tons today but I am catching up on all that I have missed! Well as you all know we moved to Tampa Florida for Brady's medical program. We will be here for the next two years! We love it so far but we sure miss family and friends!! 

All the goodbyes!! (hardest thing i have ever done)
Thank you family for all the fun visits and mom and mel for letting me stay with you and for taking care of me since Brady was already off to Florida! 

 Miss you ALL!!!!!!

Now to where we live...
Florida Adventures are started..  I have to thank my MOM who flew out here and helped us unpack and get started!!! Mom we sure love and appreciate all that you have done! Thanks for taking care of our little Cade while you were here! He sure misses you! And so do we:) We love where we live, they have a pool, park, hot tub, tennis court, and its all gated so i feel extra safe here! I still get lost driving around but ill get used to it im sure:) We have fun beaches around us and the weather is to die for (when its not too hot hahah)! Im getting used to the humidity but its very different thats for sure! We get random rain stores for 10 min and then its back to bright and sunny. Its so crazy.. We go to the pool a ton, especially while Brady is at school.. It is just overall beautiful here! We can't wait to get out and see more, and to get to the zoo, bush gardens, the aquarium, more beaches, and many more things!  Brady loves his school so far and is very excited that he has finally started!! 

More to come on our Florida Adventure!

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