Wednesday, May 29, 2013

12 Months...

May 14th 2013 my sweet boy Cade turned 1.. It is so crazy to me how time cruises by! Cade we love you more and more each day!!! Happy Birthday
-says mom, dad, dis (this), baba, nini (night night)
-took his first few steps a few days before is birthday and is now cruising around the house
-when we tell to clap, give high five, make bubble noises with his mouth, gives head bumps when we say noggin, and last but not least when we sing ( I whip my hair back and forth) he puts his hands on his head and shakes his head!!! SO FUNNY
-loves the pool
-loves story time
-LOVES baths
-pretty good big food eater!
-amazing sleeper still! im so lucky
-can ride his hot wheels with out any help!
-got tubes in his ears and did amazing with the anesthesia
-did awesome with his shots and is a healthy boy!!!

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Mothers Day 2013!

We Love you Cade boy!!!! Can't believe a year has already gone by!

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