Sunday, April 28, 2013

11 Months Old

Our big boy was 11 months on April 14th! He is growing up fast and getting more fun each day! We love you Cade!
-took his first step
-stands really good any chance he gets!
-says mom, dad, and still does his loud pitched scream!
-gets scared now around people he doesn't know and wants mom or dad
-cruises so fast with his walker haha it's so cute!
-sleeps amazing and takes 2 good naps a day! YAHOO
-went to his cousins Tess baptism
-went swimming for the first time and loved it!
-loves to explore and destroy and part of the house that is clean
-got tubes put in his ears because he kept getting ear infections (the doctor said he didn't cry being put to sleep and also once he came out of the anesthesia!) We were so happy!!! 
-loves to read bedtime stories
-pretty good eater with big boy foods now!
-spent the week with his cousins because we babysat for the week! He loved it so much having all the kids around!

We love you bug!!!

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