Monday, August 6, 2012

..Summer fun..

We are having such a fun summer! We have spent a ton of time together as a family and it has been so much fun! Brady starts school in a few weeks and we are really enjoying the time we have left together before he gets to busy! Well here are some of the fun things we have done...
First off our sweet Cade Boy is growing up so dang fast! More on him next post...

Me and my Cado
I had many wonderful Birthday Celebrations with my family and my sweet Husband made my dad so special!!

We went to the Days of 47 Rodeo with our friends.. We all had a blast!

My friend Mandy had a very special day blessing sweet baby Addi! It truly was Beautiful
 We went to the Rodney Adkins Concert and we had a BLAST!!!

 And one of my sweet baby Cade sleeping with this huge smile!!!! I LOVE MY BOY!

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