Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2 Months and more...

We have had a fun month of fun events... First off, our sweet little Cade is now 2 months old! Time sure does go by fast and we are enjoying every single day!
Cade as of now...
-rolls over when we put him down for tummy time
-takes good naps
-doesn't spit up as much as he used to
-makes cute noises and smiles SO much (we love his smile)
-is now 23 inches long and 11.8 pounds
-had his first blow out ALL over daddy
-had his first 4th of July
-got left with Grandma Chris for his first time being babysat (hard for me of course but in good hands)
-met aunt mollie for the first time
got his 2 month shots and had a bad reactions pain wise (which turned into an ER visit that night)
-loves to play on his toy mat and bat at his toys
-hates that car seat unless mom is sitting by him

Cade we love you bug and are so happy you are growing good and strong!

4th of July 2012
2 Months old!!!

Some of the many faces of our sweet Cade..
At the Emergency Room finally feeling better!! Glad you are safe Cado!
Getting his 2 month shots at Dr. Baileys... Sad Day 

At Heathers Goodbye party :( They are off to Medical School! We will miss you!

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Jessica and Ryan Toolson said...

Michelle! He is the cutest little guy!! He is so scrumptious. I want to see you!!