Sunday, August 26, 2012

3 months and summer adventures!

Our Cade boy is getting so big and we are loving each stage more and more! We have had a fun summer and have done fun things together as a family! 
-3months old 
-loves to ride in the jogging stroller like a big boy
-makes noises all the time and interacts with you when you talk to him
-blows bubbles and spits a TON
-started getting his first tooth
-rolls over from tummy to back
-loves tummy time
-can sit in his bumbo
-sleeps through the night
-laughs and grunts when daddy tickles him
-loves his cousins already
-seriously always a happy boy (we feel very blessed)
-falls asleep in dads arms but never moms! haha
-loves taking tubs.. smiles and kicks the whole time
-plays really good under his toy mat

All the cousins born with in 7 months of each other!

All the many facial expressions! Our boy is VERY expressive!

In the saucer! big boy
 We took cade up to see the farm in Layton and he went on his first Ranger ride!!! 
We had so much fun! We sure miss it!

At my Dads Wedding!

 We went up to Strawberry reservoir and went crawdad fishing! We had a blast! 

We love our sweet boy!!!! Cade please keep your beautiful blue eyes! hehe!!! 

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