Tuesday, September 25, 2012

...4 months and fun events...

Well another month has come and gone! Our sweet cade is 4 months old! We have had a few fun events this past month and i'm so glad we have got to do them with our little guy!
-Sits up in his bumbo
-Laughs when he gets tickled
-Eats rice cereal now and loves it
-Sometimes falls asleep in the tub (like his momma)
-Good sleeper
-Seriously always smiling
-Makes lots of different sounds
-Loves his crinkle book beyond words
-Did great at his 4 month shots (no reactions this time)
-A chunker weighing 14 pounds 
-Still bald as can be!!!

Loves Amy!!

At the BYU game sitting in the box seats! SO fun!

On our fun hikes and out to lunch with Gram!!

At Gardner Village!!! What a blast!

My messy Rice Cereal boy!!!

Dave and Shelby got sealed in the Manti Temple!

Aftie came along and watched Cade while we went to the sealing!!

Watching Ice Age.... probably liking all the colors!

I love bringing cade in bed with me in the mornings when daddy is gone to school.

4 months appointment and shots! Good job Cader!

Cutest sleeping face ever!

*Im a big boy* 

Here is a video of our Caders laughing so hard! hahah!!! I love him!!

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Cason and Marie said...

oh I am dying!!! That video is soooooo cute!!! He is a giggler!! I love him!