Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mario Lopez!

We are in LA today and I wouldn't usually blog about trips while on them, but I had to share what happened today!! We were shopping at The Grove! As I was walking pretty sure Mario Lopez was there filming something and I got asked to do an interview with him! Haha he said he wanted me to be the one he interviewed! It was so fun and man did he have a ton of make up on! But I sure enjoyed talking with him and getting a big hug!

I obviously couldn't take any pictures with him since i had my phone with me but here is right before i went on camera! I had to talk about when i think Prince William and Kate Middleton will have a baby! Haha so pretty much Star Gossip! Fun fun! More to come when I get home! For now I will enjoy my time here in Cali!

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Amy and Mark said...

That is so awesome! I watch way too much tv so if I see you I'll freak out for sure! How fun

Cason and Marie said...

What the what??! Fun! Does that mean you will be on Access Hollywood?

michelle said...

Haha I believe so!!!

my name is becky kelly said...

what's next?!? singing with Gladys Knight?!?

adam and jess said...

sheesh bum i'm going to start going on trips with you! :) you're practically famous now