Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ranger+ Us = Fun!

So my sister Mel and the three boys came up to visit me yesterday here in farmville since I had nothing going on until 5:00pm! We went to lunch, went to the most AMAZING vintage store that is right by my house that I go to look around in weekly (if you love vintage furniture and decor it's a must see when you are here), fed the animals, played on the hand built old fashioned play ground/tire swing,and also spent most of our time on this big beauty driving around the millions of acres that we live on! Can I say TOTAL BLAST! I loved spending time with these boys and my amazing sister Mel! (come back:)) We all had such a fun time! and I miss them already! So any of you who want to come visit, I promise there is more to do than just see and smell animals!

Stay tuned...


Cason and Marie said...

Yu are so cute! I miss you! And I love that you live on a farm...I love love it! And would come visit in a heartbeat if I lived closer. That looks so fun. What a good aunty you are. Xoxo

Heatha said...

Is that why you called me back and said you couldn't hang out anymore.. hmmm. :) lol