Sunday, March 27, 2011

BYU Hero!!!!

My Grandpa Hamblin was honored on Thursday as BYU's Hero! He played on the football team and he was #20.. We had such a good time with the WHOLE family their and we are so proud of our sweet grandpa! We got to take a tour of the coaches office, the team room, the locker rooms, the meeting room where they do all their plans, and then we got to go and watch them practice! After they were done with practice they took my grandpa out to the center of the field and talked to him and gave him a gift, also a jersey and football with all the players signatures and my Grandpas signature on it! It was such a special night! Way to go Grandpa!! We LOVE you!!! GO BYU!

Yeah for Bronco! He is such a great man!

Where was heather! Sorry sis..

My beautiful mama! I love you mom!

Bronco gave ty his hat! Little ty LOVES football!

My dad in Broncos office chair! He LOVED it!

Way to go Grandpa! Such a fun night with my amazing family! I love you all!


Lindsey S. said...

What a fun experience!

Your grandpa is adorable!

adam and jess said...

bum you are my hero....and your grandpa!