Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dead or Alive

So this has been quite an interesting week with the animals... The other day Brady goes out to feed the baby goats and they were doing just fine.. Well 4 hours later he goes back out to check on them and sure enough the little one who always gets bullied, got bullied into the freezing bucket of water and it froze to death:( we were so sad.. We loved this little guys he was so cute! well he will be missed.. This was such a tragic way to find him, but this is a common thing among a larger group of animals because there is always the one who fights to be in charge...

Well for the good news!!!! Yesterday this cute little guys was born! Oh baby sheep are the cutest things in the world! Today as I went out to check on him, he is up and walking around! He now comes to me and lets me pet him! I love this little guy!!!

Stay tuned..


Melanie and Billy Hunter said...

That baby sheep is so so cute!! Love you little Gip and Bragip:)

Mckenzie Evans said...

Oh, the poor little animals. Winter seems a little rough on them. I love the baby sheep. Anything little is SO cute! You guys do a great job taking care of all the animals on the farm. I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling very well. I hope you get feeling better! By the way your sister just took Gwen's pictures. She is so talented! I love your family!