Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Short Family!

I have to make a post about our dearest friends/pretty much our second family out here in Florida!
We have grown so close to the Short family and they have been what has helped us through so many ups and downs here in Florida! Living far away from family and friends and pretty much our comfort zone took a little bit getting used to, but let me tell you when you meet people like the Short family, they change your entire experience and make us see just why we moved here. Not only for school, but to meet the most amazing family and to grow so much out here on our own! Not only have we found an amazing family to love and care for us while we live here, but I have made a lifetime best friend! Ellen has been there for me through the hard, sad, good, happy times and she is what I could say an example of a loving true friend! She treats and loves Cade like here own grandchild and it makes me so happy that Cade has her!! We have learned to rely on our Savior and his timing and guidance in our lives. He has shown us just how anything is possible through the Savior! Thank you Short family for everything you do for us! Sunday dinners, pretty much Cades Grandparents, all of our fun family outings, going to lunch and to the park together with Enny as  Cade says (Ellen!) Having us over for Holidays, Steve and all his help with Brady and his schooling career, and the list goes on! We sure love and appreciate you guys! We don't know how long we will be here, but no matter what you guys will always be our family! We love you Short Family!!!!!

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