Tuesday, March 25, 2014

21 and 22 months!!

Our Cade is 22 months old!
Crazy how fast they grow up and change every day! 
Cade has learned so many new things these past two months and he is more fun each day with the new discoveries of words he figures out and the things he loves to do!
-New words are wuv you(love you), I see something, any type of animal now he will repeat! Well pretty much any word now you ask him to say he will say! We are now working on sentences!
-Loves to sing Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam! he says the BEAM part and jumps up and down!!!
-Discovered what sprinklers were! He was in love!
-Really likes the show Calliou, and asked for it the other day. I had no idea he knew the name let alone how to say it!
-Favorite food- Avocados (caaaadooo) hahahh! he loves them!
-His tummy problems are no fully better but getting there! He is slowly developing a better digestive system and we are hoping to be off miralax with in the next year completely! 
-He loves tubby time still! 
-He loves going to our pool here and we go at least 3 times a week! He also loves looking for lizards!
-Hates when i am on the phone. he will always scream to get me off hahah!
-He can throw some serious tantrums, but then in a flash be sweet as can be!
-getting good at saying sorry (soooeeeeyy)
-loves to give kisses still! he does one that i call the triple kiss when he kisses your cheeks then your lips then your nooo (nose) and then gives a head bump! oh its our favorite thing!
-loves the music that plays from the key board and has to dance with his ammeees!
-his all time FAVORITE thing to do is to look inside/outside/anywhere for BUDS (bugs) hahahhah! oh its the cutest thing in the world!
-He pats my tummy and says bebe! Not sure he really understands what that will mean when baby is here next month hahah!
Cade you make our days filled with so much joy!

Cant believe how fast you grow up Mr. Cade! Soon you will be a big brother!!! 
We love you so much!

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