Thursday, January 30, 2014

Our Christmas in Utah 2013!

Okay so I could go on and on about our fun trip to Utah over Christmas break, but ill keep it somewhat under control!!! We had such a blast with family, spent time at a cabin with everyone and Dad and Wendy, Cade loved the snow so much, we loved going to parties, celebrating Christmas, seeing friends,  Cade playing with all his cousins, escaping the HOT weather here in Florida and enjoying some snow, and so on... Seriously we had a Christmas we will never forget! Cade got spoiled and loved by his Grandmas and Grandpas!! Thank you Family so so much for such a wonderful time!!! We miss it already and miss every single one of you!!!! 

Cade really enjoyed Christmas this year and it was fun for us too because we got to see him so excited to open up his presents!! Thanks for all the fun gifts from our families as well!! Here are a few pictures of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! We sure loved our special day with family!!!

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