Thursday, January 30, 2014

19 and 20 months!

Our big boy is already 20 months old! Time fly's quickly and soon he will have a little brother! 
Cade has grown up so much these past two months, and we sure love every new thing he is learning! We also had Grandma Chris come out to visit us for a few days and we sure love and miss her so much already!! 
Finally we have him gaining some weight! he still is on his mirilax but slowly coming off of it!, he now ways 25lbs!!!! 52% for weight and 25% for hight!!
Had his first dental check up and did amazing!! he sat right up to the chair and he opened his mouth for grandpa! He had a healthy check up with good healthy teeth!
Now will say any word you ask him to (doesn't always sound right though!)
favorite words - puppy, mom, daddy, mon (come on), sit, zeebee (zebra), mumo (sumo)hiiieee (hi), beetit (blanket), wateee (water)
favorite food right now are - hotdogs, mac and cheese, smoothies, avocados, cheetos, gokit (chocolate milk), yogurt!
favorite shows as of late - sam and bernard, turtles tale, doc mcstuffins, mickey mouse club house!
favorite things to do - gooter (scooter), blocks, gaak (chalk), play ground, his balls, and playing in his fort behind the couch. He loves to do his favorite moves (sumo, pop pop with his shoulders, 2 stepin!) 
some of the cute things his does - he wants to always go potty and takes his cloths off to sit on his potty but still hasn't used it yet!! he has to have all his ameees (animals) in bed with him. Its not just his puppy now its ALL of them! but it is so cute! When i say its time to go he grabs all his amees and tries to carry them to the car! haha! We love it so much! He also likes you to mon (come on) every where he goes! He will kiss my tummy and say bebe (baby). he LOVES to turn on the music from the piano and dances with us and his amees! he still loves tubby time and anything to do with water! He loves to read books at night so much and has to bring you at least 5 before bed! He likes nursery so far and we haven't had much of a problem leaving him! He isn't the best at sharing, and likes to rough house hahah! He is sweeter to girls than boys! :) At night when its prayer time he comes to the prayer spot and folds his arms so cute and closes his eyes and tries to copy us! We sure love it!
Cade we sure love you and love watching you grow up!!!! I want time to STOP please!!!! 

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