Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween and more!

We had an awesome halloween!
visited families, ate good food, and had fun dressing up!
On my side of the family, we got all the grandkids together and got a picture with grandma and the kids all in costume! I must say I LOVED my Mickey Cade!

A mime.. Cruella.. hill billy!
Brady made a pretty cool Spak!

I was my usual... A cat hahah! Every year!

We had a happy Halloween!!!!!

A few more things..
My beautiful mother got engaged last week! We sure love Gary and are glad to welcome him to our family! He treats her so good and we are SO beyond excited for my moms happiness!!!
 Here is an amazing story that I will never forget...
So on Sunday I accidentally cut my self and had to go to the Urgent care to get stitches... When we got to the place I asked the front desk lady how much it was to be seen, because I don't have insurance. I knew it would be more expensive because it was a Sunday.
Well I ended up being seen because i knew my cut was deep and i needed it to be taken care of.
When we finished we had a $200 bill for 2 stitches. Needless to say I was super sad that we had to spend that much money when I knew we were tight. Well we go to pay and the front dest lady said oh some one anonymously paid for your first part of your bill and they didn't want to share who it was...
Right then I started crying! The lord sure puts people in your path at the right time and at the right places. Thank you (someone) who paid our bill! You truly were a blessing in our lives that day!!!
 We got to go have dinner with Dad and his new wife up in Draper where they live! It was good to see Grandpa because we don't see him that much! We love you Grandpa!

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