Saturday, November 3, 2012

A little late...

I better hurry and post about cade being 5 months before he turns 6. hahah! We have been busy with lots going on and i will post about all of the things we have been up to! As for now here is our sweet baby boy Cade!

Sits on his own
rolls everywhere
has had his first big sickness:( -Bronchitis is so not fun
is a great sleeper at night but a cat napper in the day... haha
says babababa and lots of other noises
eats his toes all day long
LOVES his jumper
loves his baby food (except for bananas)

 More posts to come..

1 comment:

Maddi said...

I wish you guys still lived down the street! But now, we are 2 hours away! So sad!!! He is seriously so dang cute!!!!!