Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remember Him???

Remember T-Bone???

Well this is what happened today.. The pictures will do all the explaining.

Meet James. The one in the cowboy hat!

Sad I know... I started crying when I saw T-Bone get shot:( but this is why we got him! We had him slaughtered and then he will be cut and wrapped! We are selling the meat if anyone likes lean meat. There will be pot roast, hamburger, and steaks! We are excited! Next year we will be doing these guys!

Thanks Steeds slaughter house for the help!! We sure appreciate it!


Michelle Denson said...

How much are you charging for the meat? Your favorite aunt and uncle (and cousins) would love some! :)

my name is becky kelly said...

hahaah, that's awesome that they took care of him right there! we just send ours away alive, and they come back wrapped in white paper :)

Heatha said...

You know we want some roast. Call me. :) Love you.

Mal and Tom said...

We would love some too if it's not too expensive.

rdenson said...

I would love some as well! Just let me know how much you are charging. He looks delish!

S & K said...

aw I love this! I loved our chat this morning! xoxx