Saturday, August 27, 2011

Canning Salsa!

I love canning salsa every year for one reason! I have fresh salsa all year long! (Well I made so much this year i have enough for two years) My mom and Sis came up and helped with the first few batches and also made some for themselves and then had to leave! We had a blast! I loved having them up here at my house! Well 8 more hours of hard work and I completed 60 jars of salsa thanks to the help of my sweet husband! Now we are eating salsa every meal! Yummy! I have loved this recipe so much and if you want it let me know... Here are some pictures to kind of show how much stuff I had! Hahah finally all done!

And the outcome!!!

I had jars on every countertop in my kitchen!
Well until next year I am done with salsa! Yeah!!!


Cason and Marie said...

Oh my! You lucky duck! You need to sell at a farmers market you have so much stuff. Looks yummy!!

Do you just freeze it now? Or what do you do?

rdenson said...

i wouldnt soo upset if you just didn't share with me! i love salsa! haha its making my mouth water right now..

Jessica and Ryan Toolson said...

YUMMY!!!! Ship a bottle to Turkey for me ! ;)

Kate and Peter Lowe said...

Seriously!! I am so jealous! Want to post your salsa recipe? I just froze a bunch of tomatoes because they were taking over my counter but i'll have a ton again soon and would love a good canning recipe! Also, what brand of canners do you have? That is one of our next purchases so I'd love some recommendations!