Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Family Members...

Well as you all know my health is getting better each day which is a HUGE blessing in my life! Thanks again for family and friends for all of your support through this trial of mine! And of course Brady:) Anyway... We don't plan on having kids for a LONG time, well at least until i am perfectly healthy so we decided to go a different rout...


Okay so it might sound like not such a fun thing and probably smelly, but it so isn't!!!

We got a 3o Gallon tank and we have about 8 fishes in their! It is such a joy to sit in front of! We read that sitting and watching a fish tank can lower your stress and blood pressure hahah! Just a fun fact, but anyway we LOVE it... For those of you who have seen it, my most favorite fish is Conner! He is so little hahahahh and if you haven't seen it please come over and visit! It will give you a good excuse (wink,wink) to come over!

I will be posting pictures soon!!!
Love you all!


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Melanie and Billy Hunter said...

I want to see your fish!! That is so fun!